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Hybrid keyboard for PET 4032

| September 25, 2012

In a previous post, I pondered making the (graphics) keyboard of a PET 4032 a bit more useful. After a bit of banging, this should be the working result: edit-4-40-hybrid-60Hz.bin. I’ve named it somewhat in compliance with the other ROMs, but there is no such thing as a “hybrid” keyboard, so I will try to […]

Additional thoughts on remapping PET keyboard

| September 24, 2012

I mentioned in my previous post that I noticed a number of NOPs just before the SHIFT twiddle. Makes me wonder if there was something here at one point, and then binary patched out (in a similar fashion to how I am trying to binary patch in a new SHIFT routine). I did not know […]

A more useful PET 4032 keyboard?

| September 24, 2012

The ultimate goal for this post is to have a more usable keyboard on a PET 4032, which currently has a graphics keyboard. This is a long, and hopefully not-too-rambling post, where I try to detail what I’ve explored. And also perhaps if someone stumbles on this, might help with a more reasonable solution than […]


| August 15, 2012

This is the last group for now, as I still need to sort thru the rest. But this group is probably the most famous publisher/developer of the era, Epyx. They were more than a game developer, altho their games were well known, the most popular ones were probably from the “Games” franchise, some shown here: […]

Accolade games

| August 15, 2012

This next bunch is a more familiar developer/publisher, Accolade. Off the cuff, I’d say their most famous game was Test Drive, which you can see in this pile. Not pictured, but included, is the instruction booklet. This is the Accolade Summer 1988 catalog. I don’t know how well you can see the chart (I’ve got […]

Commodore software find

| August 15, 2012

Some people may take pleasure in finding unique photographs at yard sales. Computer collectors take our pleasure in similar finds; in this case, a box of 30-40 original diskettes, including manuals, would be one of those ways. I’m going to break this into several posts, cause there’s kind of a lot here, and some of […]


| July 31, 2012

Since I do not (currently?) have Internet access directly on my Falcon, and a floppy disk simply doesn’t cut it any more, the benefits of a CD-ROM should be patently obvious. There are at least two different methods to attach a CD-ROM to the Falcon, using either IDE or SCSI. The IDE solution is undoubtedly […]

Falcon video enhancer

| July 30, 2012

It seems like I’m bouncing from project to project lately. Actually, this particular post is something that was done some time ago, wrote up, and put into limbo while I was waiting for other odds and ends to come together. I was trying to find a SCSI CD-ROM for the Falcon, and while I prowled […]

Cooling a Commodore 64

| July 19, 2012

I recently acquired a dead Commodore 64. Apparently the most common component to fail is the PLA (within context; power supplies are also susceptible), so this was my first plan of attack. I acquired a new (not NOS) PLA from Arcade Components for a reasonable price and super fast shipping. The C64 was not socketed […]

Writing D64 images over ethernet!

| July 3, 2012

This is a holy shit moment. On the Contiki floppy is a program called WarpCopy06. I was curious, so I loaded it on my SX-64, and it asked for some IP configuration. I don’t know how well you can see the image, but it appears to use FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF as the MAC address, otherwise known as […]