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HP counter, revisited

Posted By on May 27, 2008

So I finally got a power plug for the HP counter I won from an e-bay auction. I didn’t want to make a cable or have to do anything other than plug the danged thing in, so I found this guy, who has all sorts of goodies.

This is a bad image, but here it is running, with a function generator tuned to some random frequency:

There’s a minor discrepancy. The generator is showing 208.7KHz, and the counter is showing 209. Two-twenty, two-twenty-one, whatever it takes. I chalk it up to either the fact that both of these devices are out of calibration and/or the sample frequency of the counter. The function generator seems to drift a little, too. But all in all, I can deal with it. I do need to figure out how to replace the fan, tho.


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  1. Vadim says:

    I didn’t notice the date till after I dug this up, but hear is a copy of the manual.
    If the link doesn’t work just give me an e-mail.

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