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Commodore 64 cartridge proto board

Posted By on April 22, 2013

I wanted to experiment with the Commodore 64 cartridge slot, but not having a “proper” edge connector, or proto board, I broke down and drew up a simple board that I sent off to BatchPCB.


What you can’t see here (and neither can I, because I drew the traces too narrow at 6 mils) is that every row of three vias are connected. There is a power rail going down the left side, quote noticeable (gnd and vcc), but the grid layout didn’t work like I hoped… So I manually drew a marker down to visually separate the grid.

Each edge is connected to a row of two vias directly above the edge connector. They’re labeled, but again, I used too small of a font to really read them. But the upper edge connects to the closest two rows, and the lower edge connects to the third and fourth row.

This should make it easy to layout a variety of parts. For which I have an idea, being the whole point of this project, but which I’ll defer for a later post, as I strive to overcome the disappointment in myself for not thinking clearly enough while laying out the visual markings.

Given that the specs for the C64 edge connector is well know, this is nothing stupendous, but I’ve not really come across anything in this specific configuration. I’ve picked up socketed cartridge carriers, but nothing quite generic like this. I drew it in EaglePCB, so if anyone is interested, I can post the project here. Perhaps after I widen the traces and embiggen the font…


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