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DEC Alpha workstation

Posted By on September 16, 2009

Someone gave me some sort of DEC Alpha workstation:


A single 3.5″ floppy with room for a small something-or-other.

And from the back:


Lots of ports: 10baseT, 10base2, AUI, serial, parallel, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, a 50-pin SCSI, and what looks like two PCMCIA slots.

The guts aren’t that glamorous.


There’s no obvious model number on it, so I’ll have to dig around for some specs, etc.

I used to collect DEC equipment, mostly old iron, like VAXen. I had a couple of 11/730s, some rackmounted PDP-11 (one was an 11/23, the other was an 11/73, and I think one other).

Over time, I’ve had to pass up on offers for 11/750s and an 11/780, although the 11/780 required 3-phase, so it would have been a display only.

Unfortunately, old iron is expensive in terms of real-estate. It’s also pretty heavy on the power requirements. I had to follow a process to boot the VAX 730: power on the RA80, and let that spin for about 5 minutes, and then hit RUN on the processor, and cross my fingers that I don’t pop a fuse somewhere.

After four moves, I no longer have any of my old stuff, which is a shame. I don’t even remember where it all ended up. Some of the other non-DEC stuff was pretty cool, but I draw a blank at most of it. The only outstanding thing was a hand-wired S100 system with two displays: one was a console, the other ran a debugger.

Oh well.


4 Responses to “DEC Alpha workstation”

  1. Stéphane says:

    You got rid of your DEC PDP and VAX stuff? Shame on you! :-)
    (drop me a note if you have some unused Qbus/UNIBUS cards left ;-> )

  2. azog says:

    Yes, it is a shame :( I might start trying to collect again, now that I have the time/space/etc, but these are starting to get more scarce…

  3. Dave says:

    did you ever figure out what model of alpha(station) this one was? I’ve been trying to find one and your site is the only reference i can find on it.


  4. azog says:

    This was a DEC Multia with an Alpha processor. I found some dox somewhere, and it suggested that the actual model was the VX40 (floppy and SCSI options).

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