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Mounting the til311 clock

| September 28, 2009

Got tired of the til311 clock sitting around nakid, so I tried to put it in an enclosure: This is a small cigar box, almost just the perfect size to fit the PCB. The board was about 0.5″ too big on the width, so I had to decide what to do: shave off the PCB, […]

Yet another boring clock (YABC)

| January 31, 2009

Spent a few months working on this, and it’s finally to a point of satisfication. Several attempts at this project. First, using a 32k watch crystal was not working well. Either because of the load caps, or something else. Basically the crystal would stall. The switches were also randomly triggering resets, and triggering the interrupt […]

“Digital” clock

| October 8, 2008

I found this clock at the local mission, and for $2, I couldn’t resist: Each position is a digit indicator with 10 faces, and every minute, the digit rolls to display the next face. There’s a seconds indicator on the right, you can’t see it very well tho. There’s a wheel on the bottom to […]

Another revisit to my analog meter clock

| August 23, 2008

Since I’ve been playing with Lady Ada’s Ethernet shield, I figured I’d see if I can do something useful. I wanted to see if I can get network time, which was a fair pain in the you-know-what. “Real” network time is via NTP, which is not exactly a walk in the park to manage at […]

TTL clock

| August 1, 2008

So, the madman who brought you the transistor clock kit has a new kit. This time, it’s a TTL clock. For this kit, we’ve moved from discrete components into the 74LSxx series TTL chips, which reduces size considerably. There are very few discrete components here, and those are mainly filter caps and resistors. The kit […]

Transistor clock

| June 18, 2008

Somewhere along the line, I ran into a link for a transistor clock kit. When I checked it out, it was a clock built out of 100% discrete components. Nothing but diodes and transistors (and passive components). It looked pretty cool, so I ordered it up. While I was waiting for delivery, I read thru […]